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Pet Pads and Blankets

Gently  Used, Hospital Quality


Our products are folded, packaged and shipped by adults with disabilities in Central Wisconsin.  Through a cooperative effort with area businesses and organizations, ODC has been able to save the landfills and employ people with significant disabilities while providing a quality, gently used product for re-use.

Contact:  ODC, Opportunity Development Centers, Inc at culrich@odcinc.com or call 1*888*544*6331


Cotton quilted top with water resistant back

Color of backing, sizes, and styles may vary

Pads are great for -
bulletWhelping box liner
bulletPet potty pad
bulletGrooming table cloth,
shakes out easily
bulletPet bed
bulletProtection for vehicle finish when  working on the engine

Pads are $2.00 each plus shipping


Twin size

Blankets are great for -
bulletWhelping boxes and pet beds
bulletEmergency use
bulletIn the garden to cover plants
bulletDrop cloth
bulletQuilt liner
bulletProtection for valuables when moving or storing and much, much more.....

Blankets are $2.00 each plus shipping

Donate Textiles - Save the landfills!!